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Welcome to the adoption site of Vervet Monkey Foundation and thank you for your interest in adopting virtually a monkey.

With the virtual adoption of one of the monkeys, you support the monkeys financially and help to ensure their needs are met. The money goes 100% to the care of the monkeys, contributing to the food costs, medical bills, and maintaining their enclosures.

Best of all: You will get access to their stories, 3-month updates, and a gallery documenting their lives at the VMF. This way you can join their journey from arrival to their happy lives with a new family. Step by step, you can see babies growing up, and watch them become confident members of their troops.

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Currently available for adoptions are


Gimli has been found behind a shed. We don’t know the trauma he has suffered, but the impact on the little baby was immense. The little boy struggled with depression and withdrawal. Adopt him to learn more about his inspirational way back to life.


Calypso’s Corner

Leila, Floki, Bell, Shasta, Leelo, Cuddy, Jay-Bee, Shanti-Ray and Sybil

Calypso’s Corner is home to some of the most unique characters at the VMF. Thanks to their strong and distinct personalities, these monkeys have overcome terrible experiences in their past. Most of them still live with long-term consequences such as blindness or compromised mobility today. One of them is Cuddy who was critically injured when she was hit by a car at a very young age. Floki had been abused in the pet trade. Shanti-Ray and Sybil are left blind after being shot with a pellet gun, but have now found together. As different from each other as all nine monkeys are, they all share an amazing resilience and the will to live despite human-inflicted trauma. Join them on their impressive journey.


When Charlotte arrived at the sanctuary, it was unsure if she would survive her horrible head injuries. The 18 months old girl had been shot with a pellet gun and her life was hanging by a thin thread. To everyone’s surprise, she has fought her way back into life and has now found a family in James troop.

Who will you choose?

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Level Price  
Charlotte Adoption $54.00 now and then $60.00 per Year. Select
Gimli Adoption $54.00 now and then $60.00 per Year. Select
Calypso's Corner Adoption $135.00 now and then $150.00 per Year. Select
The 'Caring Combo' - Gimli & Calypso's Corner $180.00 now and then $200.00 per Year. Select
The 'Baby Combo' - Gimli & Charlotte $108.00 now and then $120.00 per Year. Select
The 'Ultimate Combo' - all $225.00 now and then $250.00 per Year. Select

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The adoption is for 1 year and will be automatically extended. All donations are going 100% into the care of the monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation.

If you like to adopt a monkey and you have already adopted one before, please contact Hana.