About us

Rehabilitation, Education, Sanctuary – The Vervet Monkey Foundation is a non-profit organization (#020 694 NPO) established in 1993. Our centre is based in Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

We rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to over 500 primates, orphaned, injured, abused, ex-laboratory or unwanted pets. In addition to this we provide:

  • A program to rehabilitate orphaned and injured primates.
  • A program to research the claims of damage and problems caused by vervet monkeys and offer possible solutions to co-existence.
  • An education program to inform the public of the role that the vervet monkey plays in the eco-system and how to prevent human – vervet conflict.
  • A sanctuary for primates unfortunate enough to be unreleasable but still able to have a quality of life to be ambassadors for their species.
  • An opportunity for volunteers to study the life style and environment of the vervet monkey primatespecies.
  • A project for volunteers to become involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of this unique indigenous primate.
  • Opportunities for volunteers, vet nurses, gap year students and those involved and interested in primate conservation.
  • The promotion of a vegan lifestyle to help sustain the environment, prevent habitat loss, animal suffering and to make a contribution towards helping many of the world’s issues.

The Vervet Monkey foundation obtains 80% of its power consumption from solar power to help promote a sustainable lifesttyle.