Welcome to the VMF Adoption site

Welcome to the adoption site of Vervet Monkey Foundation and thank you for your interest in virtually adopting a monkey.

The Vervet Monkey Foundation (VMF) is home to over 550 monkeys in the beautiful Tzaneen in the subtropical Limpopo Province, South Africa. As a sanctuary for injured, abused and orphaned monkeys, the VMF takes dedicated care for all animals on site.

With the virtual adoption of one of the monkeys, you support the monkeys financially and help to ensure their needs are met. The money goes 100% to the care of the monkeys, contributing to the food costs, medical bills, and maintaining their enclosures.

Best of all: You will get access to their stories, 3-month updates and a gallery documenting their lives at the VMF. This way you can join their journey from arrival to their happy lives with a new family. Step by step, you can see babies growing up, and watch them become confident members of their troops.



Our long-time goal is to build a forest and release the monkeys in this forest. We call it the ‘Vervet Forest’.